Below you will find aftercare instructions for both




  1. Keep the film on your tattoo for 7 days. There will be a build up of blood / plasma under the film, this is normal. Try not to pop or press on it. The edges may start to peel back during this time, you may trim the edges.

  2. After a week, you can now take off the film. Gently and slowly pull away - keeping close to the skin, trying to avoid tugging at the tattooed area.

  3. After taking off the film, the tattoo should be flat / dry and start flaking lightly. Wash gently and let the area air out.

Your tattoo is almost completely healed. Continue normal aftercare for the next few weeks. Applying a thin layer of Bepanthen only if its feeling too dry/tight. 



  1. Keep wrap on for 2-3hrs (or until you get home from your session)

  2. Remove wrap, rinse off blood / plasma with cold water. Blot dry - do not wipe down as this may irritate the tattooed area.

  3. For large tattoos with colour and shaded areas, you will need to re-wrap before bed to avoid sticking to bed sheets. For smaller tattoos with minor linework / dotwork, you can let the tattoo air out throughout the night.

  4. The following morning, rinse off and dried blood / plasma with warm, gentle hand soap.

  5. Avoid direct friction / exposure to unclean surfaces and sunlight for the first week. Treat your new tattoo as a fresh wound. 

  6. After the first week, your tattoo should be dry and starting to flake. This is when you can apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Antiseptic cream 2x a day (morning and night).