If you would like to book a tattoo session with me, send an email. When making a booking, please be sure to state:

  • Your first and last name, a contact (mobile or email) as well as preferred times and date (please include a few days that work for you within my open books.)

  • Choice of design

FLASH​ - include a screenshot of the design. 

CUSTOM - descirption of your tattoo idea + any helpful references. 

  • Placement of tattoo - arm, leg, shoulder, wrist, etc

  • Size - Please keep in mind that most of my flash design are roughly 8-10cm 

  • Your budget for a custom

Booking Conditions: 

By making a booking with SYCTATTOO, you acknowledge that all deposits are non-refundable, and a minimum of 2 days notice is required to reschedule appointments. If this isn't met, your deposit is void and another deposit will be required to re-book your session. SYCTATTOO can hold your booking for the maximum duration of 3 months.


On the day of your tattoo session:

  • Please be sure to bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION and CASH in the amount of your tattoo.

  • Eat a good meal before your appointment (within 4 hours of the start of your appointment).

  • Please inform me about any allergies or reactions you may have to equipment, materials (latex, alcohol, etc.) inks, solutions used for cleaning skin, etc.

  • The day before your session, please refrain from having any alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.