You got questions? dw, I got u buddy (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

How do I book?

You can book in with me by completing a BOOKING FORM. I answer enquiries chronologically, so the list tends to pile up each quarter. I do eventually get to your messages, so please refrain from sending through multiple enquiries. 

Can I get a different artist to tattoo your original design/ Do you sell tattoo tickets?

Unfortunately no, I do not allow my original designs to be tattooed by other artists, and I do not sell tattoo tickets. Although customs and commissions are case by case. Feel free to ask me if you are unsure. 

Where can I see your tattoo flash? 

All my updated and available flash pieces are in my Instagram 'flash' highlights. 

Do you make custom tattoo designs?

I do make custom tattoo designs if it aligns with my style/flavour of art. Please consider my art style to make sure I'm the right artist for you. If I cannot take on your custom request, I will try my best to recommend you a better suited artist. 

Where are you based?

I'm currently based in Dulwich Hill, NSW

What do I do for tattoo aftercare? 

I offer both SANIDERM SECOND SKIN and good old CLINGWRAP for aftercare options. Both aftercare sheets are available here

How long will my tattoo take?

This obviously depends on what you'll be getting and where you will be getting it on the day. My palm/hand-sized flash pieces usually take anywhere between 2-4hours. But I recommend coming to your session with no plans to rush it. Break times or illness can be unpredictable and varied with each person. 

Does it hurt? + Can I use numbing cream?

A) yeah dude lmao. ngl, it's usually a bearable, surface-level type of pain in most places.  

B) I do not recommend using numbing cream to your session. If you feel compelled to, please please please let me know before we start.

What should I do on the day of my tattoo?

Please be sure to bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION and CASH in the amount of your tattoo.

Eat a good meal before your appointment (within 4 hours of the start of your appointment).

Wear something comfortable so we can access the tattoo area easily.

The day before your session, please refrain from having any alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs as this weakens your immune system/thins your blood and just makes you feel like hot garbage during the session anyways. Rest up!

Can I bring someone to my session?


We ask that all clients come to their appointment alone and you MUST wear a mask. (We can provide masks if you are unable to bring your own)

Please maintain physical distancing where possible and take advantage of hand sanitiser and hand washing amenities in our studio.